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Simons, АО

11, Vagonostroiteley avenue, Nizhniy Tagil , Sverdlovskaya oblast, Russian Federation, 622007
7, Okuneva str., Nizhniy Tagil , Sverdlovskaya oblast, Russian Federation, 622007
Simonov Alexander, CEO
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Company is organized in 1992 by the one founder, as private enterprise. In 1999 the organization is transformed to Simons JSC. Our main business is the creation and introduction of new innovative high-tech chemicals and materials; development of technical specifications and technological schedules production of inorganic synthesis.
We make safe heavy liquid HPS-W with a density up to 3,0 grams on a milliliter for the mining industry. It is heavy liquid on a water basis for process of gravitational enrichment of ore, gold and diamond concentrates, mineralogical analysis, separation of minerals according to density. Our heavy liquid HPS-W is applied at the diamond-mining enterprises of the Alrosa Company.
Heavy liquid HPS-W is developed especially for replacement of a toxic bromoform & LST, SPT.
We make chemical compounds for production of catalysts of organic synthesis and oil refining – catalytic reforming of oil. For example, tungstic acide salts: potassium tungstate, aluminium tungstate, zirconium tungstate and others tungstates; Heteropolyoxometallates: borotungstates, silicotungstates, phosphotungstates; absolutely new chemical compounds: polyvanadotungstate potassium and its derivatives.
We make malonic acide salts for pharmaceutical industry: sodium malonat & strontium malonat.
We make special ceramic materials for nuclear power – Lithium zirconate, Calcium zirconate, Strontium zirconate & cerate, Lanthanum zirconate & Lanthanum(Neodymium) hafnate.
We make Lithium Fluoride, Lead(II) pyroniobate & Lithium fluorosulfonate for the industry of chemical sources of current.

Компания образована в 1992 году.
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